Welcome to the TRY Australia Staff Intranet


The Intranet is a PRIVATE website that is only available to staff members and is used as a tool of communication within the organisation, a store of knowledge and is regularly updated with news and information about the organisation.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the various sections of the Intranet.

Logging in:

  • Please use the login facility on the right to login. Once you login, you will see menu items that you have been authorised to access.
  • If you forgot your password, please click on the password reminder link on the right.

Navigating your way around:

  • You can use the drop-down menu on top to quickly look up menu items or the menu on the right for a much more comprehensive hierarchical structure of the menu. 
  • Every staff member has been allocated access to some or all sections on the intranet depending on your position/derpartment/needs. The 'All Staff' menu item is a universal section that every TRY Australia staff member has access to.
  • Use the search box on the right under the menu to quickly lookup pages based on keywords.

Contributing to the Intranet

  • All TRY Australia staff are encouraged to share any relevant informational resources so as to be displayed on the intranet. Please contact your TRY Australia centre/department head or alternatively email your contribution to the Corporate Services Manager at cs@try.org.au with your contribution.

Feedback and IT Support

  • Feedback: Please email tryithelp@try.org.au for any issues, improvements or feedback that are concerned with your experience with using the intranet.
  • IT Support: If you have trouble using the intranet or know of staff members that require assistance with using the intranet, please email tryithelp@try.org.au or call 03 8545 9500.

Public Website

  • The intranet is a staff-only website. To access the TRY Australia public website, please head to try.org.au.
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